Thursday, March 08, 2012

Basically Bare Design Team Member

I heard the news and I am so excited!! I made the team!! WHOOT WHOOT, you have no idea how happy I am about this because I have been a fan of Basically Bare.  I saw them for the first time last year at CHA and I knew as soon as I put my greedy little hands on their albums that I was in love.  My mind was spinning instantly envisioning all kinds of albums I could make, I was so excited.  Well I am so happy to hear that I get to make my basically bare albums now till my hearts content.

Here are the amazing team members that made the team, and I get to be a part of it.  YEAH for me :)

DT Coordinator: Elizabeth (Beth) Gaddis
Christina Colon
DeeDee Catron
Erin Bassett
Jennifer Matott
Rebecca Price
Sandra Wilson

Becky Launder
Daniela Costa
Emily Lanham
Linda Brun
Moe Mahoski
Tanisha Long
Veronica Johnson

Angela Holt
Frank Garcia
Katrina Hunt
Kristin Tweedale
Miae Rowe
Sarah Bargo

Congratulations everyone!  I am so thrilled to be in your company and part of the Basically Bare team!

Don't forget to check out basically bare and leave me a comment on my "Exam" post on March 7th.  You still have a chance to win their Grand Prize!! 


  1. They are *lucky* to have you! Congratulations!

  2. yay!! So happy for you Veronica! What a perfect match, I can;t wait to see your designs!

  3. Congrats my dear friend!! :) So excited for you! :)


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