Monday, August 18, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

I was invited to participate in the "Creative Blog Hop" by my friend and co-designer on Leaky Shed Studio, Tracey Sabella.

Here is a little bit about Tracey:

Tracey has been married for 31 years, and she has four adult children. She loves using different techniques while scrapbooking and has a shabby chic style.

Currently Tracey is on four design teams: Leaky Shed Studio, Helmar, Once Upon a Sketch and also Donna Salazar.

We will continue this progressive blog hop while meeting and greeting new bloggers, sharing our creative inspiration, and learning more about ourselves and the craft we love!  Tracey Sabella  mentioned me on her blog Gracescraps. So please go and check out her blog too.

I thought it was a fabulous idea to start a creative blog hop and introduce you to some new crafty friends and their blogs.  I would love for you all to follow our tour of creative blogs and hopefully get lots of inspiration and learn some new techniques.

Next in line for the Creative Tour Blog Hop is my friend:

DeeDee Roe  -  BlogBrown Paper Packaging

DeeDee is my "online" friend, I have known her for years.  We first met when we were on a design team together.  I think DeeDee is hilarious she tells the funniest stories about her two cute babies.  I also love DeeDee's talent.  She likes to make crowns, banners, signs and albums. 

Now a little about me ...

1. What I am currently working on:

I "work" on something almost every day.  Right now I have several things on my plate.  First I need to do projects that are due for both:  Leaky Shed Studio and for Art Anthology.  I design for both companies, so there are 4 projects due this month.  Then I also promised this nice lady that emailed me about making her a pop up card (she liked the one she saw that I designed for Leaky Shed Studio).  I also have to do two custom orders with sesame street characters that I have to design and paper piece.

In essence I am ALWAYS working on something.  :)

2. Describe your style:  I have been asked this question before, and for me it is difficult to describe.  I do a lot of different things depending on my mood or the ideas or inspiration I receive.  If you have to pin me down I would say whimsical shabby.  I say that because I do like color, but sometimes I like to start with a color then wash it down with either white or black.

3. Why do I create:  My mother started teaching my twin sisters and I since we were all little girls.  Mom taught us how to knit, sew, embroidery, and cross-stitch.  I remember we all would sit together and cross stitch while talking to mom.  So I have never had idle hands, and crafting just makes me happy.  It is my own private therapy because while I am working on a project, that is all I think about.

4. How does my creative process work: Before I actually start a new project I have already created it in my head.  I get my initial idea from pattern paper or fabric and even a color; then I think it over in my mind for a week or so, just kind of visualizing what I will make. After I know what I want to do I start gathering my supplies, whether it is certain paints and canvas, or paper.  I add to my supplies or take away until I have what I need.  That is why my friends think I scrap or paint so fast because by the time I actually start my project I already know where I'm going with it.


Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out my friend DeeDee Roe at Brown Paper Packaging  on August 25th.

Happy Scrapping ...


  1. Love your art as therapy and not having idle hands. I am the same way!! :)

  2. DeeDee yes we are two little peas in a pod. cant wait till you post your creative blog hop on 8/25 hugs


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