Friday, July 07, 2017

MORE! Sesame Street Pages - Kermit The Frog

Hi Everyone:

Been recreating this Kermit The Frog layout and just need to take pictures, sometimes I get lazy  with all other facets of having an Etsy shop other than the actual making layouts and/or albums.

Anywho, got around to taking photos and now I posted this page on my Etsy Shop Kitsnbitscraps to add to my Sesame Street collection.  I still have one more layout to work on, then I'm done with Sesame Street and moving on.

So stay tuned for Miss Piggy next!

Thank you for stopping by, check out this two page layout and my other sesame street muppet characters:  Chef Bork, Count Dracula, Fozzie Bear, Big Bird on the Premade Scrapbook Pages Section of my Kitsnbitscraps Etsy Store.

Happy Scrapping

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