Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Wow!! Had such a blast at the Disney Orlando Scrapbook Dream Vacation.  Saw my girlfriends, chatted, ate, laughed and SCRAPPED!!  It was AWESOME!  I also met a couple of new friends and saw some old friends, and past students.  It was great to be at Disney.

We had a great room at the Contemporary Hotel in the Tower.  And we had a great view of the lake, wharf, and pool.

We had thursday night to set up our tables, then we cropped all day friday and saturday, and left sunday afternoon. 

Had fun with my friends, sister and met up with some past and current new students!

This is me at my OWN table ....  but alas had to share it the next day.

Cant wait till next year, when I will do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!


  1. So glad you had a fun time! How did the classes go?

  2. Well that looks like a ball. Blogging has completely taken over any scrapbooking I used to do:)


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