Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Better Late Than Never .... with IOD Loolah

Just got back from a great time in Texas - we went to the Johnson Family reunion.  This is my husband's side of the family and boy are there alot of Johnson's out there in Texas.  We went to a camping/resort and of course we stayed in a cabin since dirt, camping, bugs and I dont see eye to eye.  So now that I am back I realized I never showed the rest of my MPTH July kit album pages.  So here goes ...

The Pre Orders for the MPTH August Kit should be up.  Be sure to get yours before they sell out!!!  I already have several ideas as to what to do when I get my kit.  Stayed tuned to what the fab designers of MPTH have in store.


  1. Hope it wasn't too hot for you here. Your work is so beautiful. Love these watermelon colors. :)

  2. It sure is hot here I know it was hot in Texas. Love, Love, Love your book. So super cute! Hugs,Amy


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