Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yeah!! I cant wait till I am on the road to Orlando, FL for my SDV mini vacation and classes.  I have kitted my two classes, packed them and am ready to go!!  I always have a great time and get to visit with my girlfriends that I havent seen for a year.  We leave tomorrow morning and I am so excited.

I am not sure how many seats are left because this year the pre-registration got cut off early, but I am sure there are seats available for both my classes; so if you are going, then stop by and say hello.  See you at Dream Events!


  1. Some wonderful friends of mine will be there....Melanie and Lisa with Kit-a-licious. You should give them a squeeze to give to me.... I would so love to give ya a big hug!!!! Have a safe trip! Hugs,Amy

  2. I will stop by and let them know that you said hi :)


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