Friday, November 19, 2010

Celebrate Christmas

Well one down and one to go.  Well actually I have more ideas roaming around in my head for Christmas albums LOL.  But for now, lets just say that I still have a half finished album on my work table that I will finish by next week.

So back to this album "Celebrate" I thought it turned out whimsical and cute which lately I do a lot of whimsy.  I use to be altered vintage when I first started scrapping years ago; then when I started teaching alot of classes it seemed that my audience liked whimsy.  Maybe it is because there are a lot of mommies out there with young children and I can see why they would be more partial to cuteness.

Anywho, what I did with this album was use an assortment of eclectic papers with the color scheme of pinks, blues, and reds.  I was inspired by the cutie patootie snowman on the tin ornament I used on the cover and everything after that kind of just came together.

The covers are made from the Clear Scraps snowflake album and the inside pages are different shapes and made of chipboard.  I like to mix things up :)

For more pics of this album click here:  CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS.  I have posted it on ebay for our PFOP team challenge.


  1. This is adorable! I like whimsy. :)

  2. Hi dee dee, that is because you have TWO beautiful babies :)


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