Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Accordion Friends Mini Album

Hi -

Today I am posting photos of the album I finished and posted at my Kitsnbitscraps Etsy Store. 

I am on a mission to start using my stash.  I have an art room completely maxed out with supplies and really ...  its out of control.

I have lots of ideas planned out for albums (which is my favorite to make) so I will be listing many more mini's for sale at my Etsy store and to share here on my blog.

Here are some photos of my album titled "Friends"  click here to go to Kitsnbitscraps to take another look.

I love Bobunny and I had some matching paper and embellishments that I made this mini with.  I have a girl friend who absolutely loves going onto youtube and watching scrapbook and art videos.  She showed me the construction of the mini.  Then I had another girl friend (Glenda) who also likes to scrapbook so we got together one day and I started this mini.

This mini was a lot of fun to make and I want to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the net.

:) happy scrapping ...

Product Used:

Paper and Embellishments:  Bobunny and Melody Ross

Glue:  Helmar

Tags:  American Tags

Ribbon:  May Arts and Bobunny

Flowers:  Bobunny, I am Roses, Melody Ross, Michaels (wood)

Buttons:  Buttons Galore

Ink / Mist:  Tattered Angels, Ranger Ink


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