Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Album - One Down More to Go

Well its time to start making Christmas Albums.  This is my first one, already got a second one going and thinking about my third.  I usually design albums in my head first - at least the theme - whether its vintage (like my 2nd album) or primitive/country (like my third). 

This album is pretty easy to make and I loved the Anna Griffin classic Christmas patterns.  Holly and poinsettias, it doesn't get more Christmas than that.  This album isn't as chunky as usual only because if I did that then the album would not close.  So for me it was a little limiting.  Anyway my girlfriend gave me the pattern to construct this album.  It is called a wallet album because it folds and closes kind of like the "explosion box album".  You make this album with six pieces of 8.5 x 11 card stock and the album itself turns out to be 6 1/4 square.

Its kind of hard to get the perfect pictures for this album because there so many flaps.  If you are interested in this album its on my etsy.  KITSNBITSCRAPS.  The mattes on this album are doubled matted and sewn and there is enough space for 8 photos plus a pocket with several tags.

Happy Holidays

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