Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Fun Cards with Nikki Sivils

I just whipped up these little cards using Nikki Sivils "Cherry Cutie Cut-Ups."  These are great cards for that { All Ocassion } situation.  I am going to send them to friends just to catch up.  I have always preferred writing cards vs. calling.  I guess because I use the phone for work, I really dont like talking on the phone at home.  I do like sending cards though :)  I think it is much more personal.

I used some brads, ribbon, the cutie die cuts, Nikki's flags and her tabs.  I painted the tab then put triple thick on it (Nikki gave me that tip).  I used a couple of stamps and voila - quick and easy cards to send to friends and family. 


  1. Love your cards!!
    I'm sure your friends love getting a handwritten note, especially in your sweet cards!!


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